Dictator Mustache – Muammar Gaddafi

Born Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi has the odd distinctions of not having an date of birth. It is implied it is somewhere between 1942 -1943 although there are no official records. Also he has the distinction of having an oddly weak mustache compare to all his other mustached dictator brethren. He ruled Lybia with an iron fist from 1969 until 2011. Known for eccentric style, and female personal body guards, this dictator has more of a personality cult than anything. The being said he is responsible for multiple human rights violations, and massacres although the body count is less than other dictators reviewed. Some numbers offer large ranges of 2,500 to 25,000 for the recent Lybian civil war.

Although dictators are associated with thick, strong mustaches to complement they position of power and oppression towards others Muammar Gaddafi’s was a rather thin mustache and a painter’s brush mustache at that, making it a rarer one.

Dictator Mustache – Saddam Hussein

Saddam Hussein born Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti born 28 April 1937 – 30 December 2006. Is a middle eastern dictator who has bee in power for more than 25  years (16 July 1979 – 9 April 2003). During that time he killed 250,000 Iraqis alone and not to mention the imprisonment and torture of many more.

As mustaches go Saddam Hussein’s is the atypical dictator mustache is it thick dark and demands respect. This is an impressive Chevron mustache and in a land where many already have solid mustaches this is quite a feat. Although upon his capture and death he would sport a beard his mustache will forever be associated with one the middle east’s most brutal dictator.


Dictator Mustache – Rafael Trujillo

Rafael Leónidas Trujillo Molina (October 24, 1891 – May 30, 1961) this Dictator ruled and terrorized the Domincan republic from 1930-1961 and was responsible for over 50,000 deaths and the infamous Parsley Masacre/Genocide. In his early years his mustache style varied greatly and he would have mustaches that would be considered pencil, pyramid and painters. Although most of his documented images and his later years are that of the dreaded toothbrush.


Dictator Mustache – Augusto Pinochet

Augusto Pinochet born Augusto José Ramón Pinochet Ugarte (25 November 1915 – 10 December 2006) was the mustache clad dictator of Chile from 1973 up until 1990. Under his rule up to 3,000 people were killed 80,000 put in camps and 30,000 tortured. A strong man dictator by any means. As well as dubious member of the dictator mustache club. His mustache style is somewhere between pyramid and pencil. It borrows from the pencil style because it is thin although the pyramid style has a slight downward slope which makes this and in between dictator mustache.


Stalin Walrus Mustache

Joseph Stalin (8 December 1878– 5 March 1953), real name Ioseb Besarionis Dze Jugashvili, has gone through many mustache stages over his life.In his early years as the Supreme Soviet he would have an English mustache with its curved corners, slight gap under the nose, and a more polished finish, while later on it would grow into a walrus mustache  with its bushier look and whiskers. During his almost 30 year rule millions would die under his rule. For some reason dictators tend to sport mustaches, maybe it’s some macho thing or maybe its was the fashion but like or not the walrus mustache is tied to Joseph Stalin.


How to grow a Walrus Mustache

  1. First make sure you have a solid beard going, long facial hair will help.
  2. Clean up your chin, cheek and surrounding area. The edges of the mustache should go past the corner of your lips but not by too much, use discretion
  3. There should be a slight angle from under your nose.
  4. The edges should be rounded.
  5. The length should be rather even.
  6. Hair should be light yet have a full look.
  7. Use the images below as your examples/goals.
  8. Enjoy, because today you are a man.

Mark Twain Walrus Mustache

Born Samuel Langhorne Clemens (November 30, 1835)  he would later change his name to Mark Twain. This famous author has written some of the greatest and most memorable books of the 19th century and his novels are still well revered even today. Almost everyone has read his book The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Although his Walrus mustache is as much a reason as why we remember him as his books are. Always making a mark the walrus mustache is a look that only true men of greatness have been able to pull off and Mark Twain is no exception.


David Crosby Walrus Mustache

Besides being a musical legend David Van Cortlandt Crosby (August 14, 1941) is the poster child of the Walrus mustache. With it’s wild and almost uncontrollable bushiness  David Crosby pulled off this iconic look. Over the years it has become even wilder and more iconic allowing David Crosby to be know almost more for his mustache than his music… well almost.

Friedrich Nietzsche Walrus Mustache

Famous philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (15 October 1844 – 25 August 1900) is well known for his contribution to the world of philosophy with works on Nihilism, The “slave revolt” in morals. and Übermensch among a few. Now although his contribution in the world of philosophy is impressive (were ignoring that breakdown at the end of his life) his contribution to the world of mustaches is no laughing matter. He had the courage to rock the walrus mustache, a mustache few can pull off an no one can tame.